The chosen twelve

  • cycle
    Leeds – Land’s End, 2015. “If someone can conquer Dartmoor by bicycle, surely a 10k can’t be too bad…” – the famous last words of Catriona Ward Sell.

    January: Serpentine 10k Road Race, 1st January, London – DONE

As everyone else is recovering from new year celebrations, I’ll be kicking it off fairly gently with a nice flat 10k through London.

Also the Winter Run, London, because one race power month isn’t enough.

Stepping it up a gear (and maybe visiting the penguins afterwards).

Adding some more mud, some barbed wire, hay bales and logs. And a bit more running (should be quite good at that by this point).

  • April: Harewood House bubble rush – DONE

A change of plan from the original planned race, due to being very ill with a kidney infection for most of the month…

Been there done that. Trying to beat 01:49:25 (yes, those 25 seconds matter).

Just for fun – an obstacl

Speaking about being daunted by the prospect of doing my first triathlon, a customer at work told me that one of the best triathlon competitions is in Leeds this year. Not that that helps the nerves at all. Sorted. Beginner distance.

  • July: Bramham cross-country 10k, followed by the Leeds Skyride – DONE

An inaugural race followed by floating about Leeds on a bicycle with lots of other cyclists.

  • August: The cycle starts. UK – Netherlands. DONE
  • September: The cycle continues: Netherlands – Italy. DONE
  • October: still cycling: Slovenia – Austria. DONE
  • November: more bicycles?! Austria – Romania  

A fun one to finish, and back in Leeds. The Christmas 10k… which I propose to do on a space hopper. Not taking this seriously? C’mon, I should have some fun with the final challenge!


You can sponsor me killing myself through stupid amounts of cardio here:


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