Serpentine 10k (or “Only 1990 Km To Go”…)

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Proudly representing The Edge in London.

I started the new year as I intend to go on, with a bracing 10km around Hyde Park in London. I couldn’t have asked for a better new year’s day.


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All 10kms should have free Wagon Wheels.

The Serpentine 10k race was super cheap to enter, superbly well organised, and well guided throughout. Even got a medal, water bottle AND wagon wheel to finish! Big props to the amatuer running club organising it. Although it was a field of “only” 650ish, it had all the things you’d expect of large race.

What made it even better was the fact I got a personal best time and ranked 27th in my category (according to the swishy reciept ticket printing machine they had at the finish line). 48.02 may not be the fastest time in the world, but gives me a target to aim for at my next 10k.

I love running because of the mental journey, as well as the physical one. I could describe the beautiful settings, fountains and swans in the background… but, in actuality, the journey was more defined by these emotions:

1km: Wow. Everyone here looks pro. And I’m warming up with some Zumba moves. Perhaps this was a bad idea.
2km: Hey, I’m not a million miles from the front! I could get a medal!
3km: Hmm ok, maybe we’ll go for personal best instead.
4km: Oooh look! A swan!
5km: Half way. 50%. 0.5. We can do this.
6km: The people lapping me are A DIFFERENT BREED OF HUMAN.
7km: Sod personal best. I’ll be happy to finish.
8km: Why am I doing this again?
9km: Another stupid swan.

Photos below. Next race is late January – another 10k, the London Winter Run, and another excuse to visit London. This is all warming me up for next month’s challenge of the Harewood Half. Not sure there will be as many swans in action at this one – although there may be some polar bears, I hear?!