Inflatable football pitches and free bandanas

When I decided I was going to attempt 12 physical challenges over the course of 12 months, I imagined being an ironman at the end of the year. However, when races involving jumping over bouncy castles and lots of bubbles take place in neighbouring villages, it’s a difficult game changer to resist.

No physical fitness was really needed to complete this. You could go as fast or as slow as you wanted, and although there was a fastest time recorded, that was more down to the length of queues for obstacles rather than any great feat of speed.

Releasing your inner seven-year-old, however, was certainly necessary. Which is why I dragged poor old Anthony (pictured below with the orange hat) along as a way to celebrate his 31st birthday.

The hardest obstacle was the inflatable climbing wall. The funniest was probably the inflatable football pitch. The one which we sneaked back around to attempt three times was the slide with bubbles. The goody bag at the end was also pretty good: TWO t-shirts and a bandana. The shirts may have ended up firmly in the pyjama drawer, but we weren’t out for the fashion show. And seven-year-olds love free bananas.

So not the most sporty of challenges or challenging of sports: but sometimes, you need an event like this to remind you how much fun running really is.

Smiles and yellow ears